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People often ask me which health care providers I see. I've found some great practitioners that have really helped me and my family along our health journey so I thought I would take the time to give recognition where recognition is due.

Health Care Practitioner - Cherri Schleicher, FNPc APNP

In about 2012, we decided to take a break from the traditional medical care system. Initially we switched the family to a Naturopathic Doctor, but I ended up not being comfortable with the direction the doctor and clinic was going therefore we left. Our next practitioner was a holistic functional medicine Nurse Practitioner named Cherri Schleicher, FNPc APNP.

Cherri is credentialed to see all age groups, starting with babies on up for primary/preventative care. What is great about her is that she also is a trained functional medicine practitioner, which essentially means she looks at the entire body as a system of systems and find the root cause to illness. Her website can be found here:

Cherri is great at treating autoimmunity and chronic health issues - something traditional medical care is not very good at treating. When it seems you have a variety of unrelated symptoms, they are often linked to the same issue - a dysfunctional gut.

What I like about Cherri is that she listens, she prioritizes care according to patient issues and wishes (meaning she isn't going to order thousands of $$ of medical tests at your first visit just to see what comes up), and she works with me and listens to my thoughts. She lets me be the advocate and partner in my families care.

Cherri charges flat fees for services and is not in network for insurance (common practice for this type of practitioner). I can do some appointments via phone consult, which I love. Lab tests are covered as per your health insurance plan. Cherri can write prescriptions as needed.

She is prompt to answer emails, return phone calls, and always takes the time to help me with whatever I need. You won't find many people like Cheri. You can do a free 15 minute meet and greet with Cherri to decide if you want to work with her - how awesome is that?

Chiropractor - Therese Miller, DC, Miller Sports & Wellness Chiropractic

(UPDATE: Dr. Miller has closed her clinic in order to raise her family and I hope to see her back in business some day. I'm keeping this info here her so you can see my experience.)

One thing I learned over time is that not all chiropractors are the same. I find this to be true for people in every profession though. Unfortunately many people are reluctant to see a Chiropractor and there are many that tend to give this great profession a bad rap. BUT, there are some great ones out there and Dr. Miller is one of them.

Dr. Miller turned my life around. I was struggling with constant back pain. I had a back injury in 2009. After seeing a sports medicine doctor who only gave me anti-inflammatories and chiro's 1-3 times per week over the course of a couple of years with no resolution in what I call the traditional Chiro factory model, I accidentally discovered Dr. Miller via the Active Release Technique (ART) website, decided to give her a try and got immediate, lasting relief after several years of back pain. She was one of few, if not the only chiro at the time trained in ART.

Her treatment mission is "getting to the root cause of the problem" and her treatments focus on using a variety of methods. Dr. Miller works in tandem with Ryan Lowery, an athletic trainer who is also great. I was reluctant at first to see him, thinking PT or Chiro's were superior, but he knows his stuff. My son, a pitcher, in one instance had a tendonitis issue with his arm that came on suddenly where he couldn't even list his arm and in another a strained/pulled quad muscle. In both cases, Ryan worked with him and had him returned to baseball with full range of motion/function within the week with little missed time. I was impressed!

I would describe their services as a once sized fits all Chiro/physical therapist/athletic trainer. You get everything you need at the clinic, to include movement assessments, homework to restore function and balance to the body to prevent further issues.

MSW charges a flat fee for services also and are not in network for insurance. The reason is because insurance limits scope of practice and it was becoming harder and harder to give patients the treatment they needed and get reimbursed for it.

Here is Dr. Miller's website:

While she is not currently practicing, she will still be staying in the game in some capacity, whether it be on FB or instagram.

Physical Therapy - Drs. Guillermo Contreras and Kelsey Contreras, CrossPhysio

The CrossPhysio team is what we'd call docs in box, meaning a CrossFit box/gym. They rent the loft area of Cream City CrossFit, both are L1 CrossFit trainers and coach at Cream City CrossFit Co-op, my gym. What I love about having this team is that they fully understand athletic movements you'd do in the gym. People would be shocked to hear that physical therapists (PT) or physios are not trained on all of the athletic movements we do in the gym. They are limited by scope of practice as dictated by insurance companies.

CrossPhysio is cash based, which means they have extra tools in their tool box they are allowed to bring out in order to treat clients. Cash based does not mean expensive. Often times it can be cheaper than what you'd pay through your insurance. The other thing I have found very valuable is that Guillermo writes home workout programs for the young and old. For example, he assessed both my mom and daughter and wrote a 30 day workout program for each of them to strengthen muscles in order to prevent the pain they were feeling. It was cheap, and in the long run saves money in treatment! This is called preventative PT (I just made this up). I see Guillermo for certain things and for dry needling, I see Kelsey. I highly recommend this physio team. They are convenient, knowledgeable, and will look for the root cause of issues. No referral needed.

Check them out:

Physical Therapy: - Erik Gregersen, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, Evolv Physical Therapy & Performance

I saw Erik, before I met the CrossPhysio team and before they started working at our gym. First, a little back ground story. I had a chronic shoulder issue that went on for years and kept getting worse despite attempts at treating it and even giving it rest. An MRI showed that was nothing structurally wrong with my shoulder. How strange. Dr. Miller was able to give me some relief with my shoulder via ART and we even worked on rehab exercises, but the relief I would get wasn't lasting. She recommended I try dry needling with a physical therapist (not Erik) and I did, but it didn't work. At this point, I kind of gave up and thought the issue had to be related to the medical issues I has having at the time.

Then I decided to give dry needling another chance. I knew Erik was a CrossFitter and even had his L1 trainer certification. I went in with a bad attitude about the treatment, not really thinking it would work, but determined to give it a good chance. It worked - slowly but surely over the next 8 weeks as I stretched treatment out. Erik knew exactly what to target when he dry needled and he gave me some great shoulder stretches & strengthening exercises.

Again, like Chiropractors, there are many that are just average, a dime a dozen, and then there are those that are outstanding. I've seen a few different ones throughout the years for my various issues and I've not been impressed with any of them.

While he is a PT in clinic, I actually saw him out of Brew City CrossFit, where he has a 4 hour cash clinic on Sundays. He was very reasonably priced and visits are either 15 minutes or 30 minutes.

So if you need a PT on the north side of Milwaukee, give Evolv PT a try.

Here is Erik's website: Evolv Physical Therapy & Performance

Personal Training - Nick Rosencutter, Rosencutter Ultra Fitness and Performance

Nick is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and is also a Nationally Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist and Full Body Certified Active Release Techniques (ART).

Nick is a top notch trainer in this area, as are the trainers in his gym. I met Nick through Dr. Miller and I and both of my kids have both been members at his gym. I've learned a lot through Nick and would highly recommend him to anyone with issues get a movement assessment and a program tailored to their needs in order to balance their body and build strength. He is awesome at doing movement and breathing pattern screenings and creates programs for people that is based upon their screening results and their goals.

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