Certifications & Credentials

Precision Nutrition (PN) certified

BA (Sciences), Alverno College

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (ANSI certified)

C.H.E.K Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach


My Journey

My journey to health started after I started doing CrossFit and I was introduced to the concept that what we eat can make us sick.  Having autoimmune thyroid disease and not feeling well, I spent years trying to figure out how to heal and feel better.  I made many mistakes on my journey, sometimes even making myself feel worse.  In the end, what I learned  through the process is how simple taking control of our health can be. It's not about will power, being perfect and showing up 100% of the time.  


What I can do for you

As your Health/Nutrition coach, I will help you create healthy lifestyle and nutrition habits so you can transform your health in the process.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle mass, learn more about nutrition, you can achieve your goals and increase vitality in the process.