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Transforming your health is a journey that requires a commitment to change in order to fulfill your dream.  Some people feel like they are ready to make big changes and some feel they need to make small changes over time.  This is YOUR journey and your own personal health transformation.  No rules, no restrictions.  I can help you on your journey so that you may live your dream by simply creating healthy habits.  The first step is to recognize that you have the power within you to transform your health and your life without taking giant steps!  

 Nutrition & Health Coaching:
Creating your roadmap to health
Eat This,  Not That
Grocery Shopping / Pantry Stocking Consult

Holistic refers to as looking at the whole body and recognizing the interconnectedness of the individual body systems.  Lifestyle refers to the way in which a person lives their life, which can impact overall health.  How we move, sleep, eat, drink, breath, and think are all important factors that can make is more healthy, or diseased. Wherever you are in your journey, we will focus on creating balance in your body so that you may increase your vitality and live the life you were designed to live free from dis-ease.


Assessment tools are used to determine improvements overtime. Expected results are not limited to, and may include the following depending upon the individual and level of commitment:


  • Better digestion

  • Improved sleep

  • Healthy weight loss

  • Clearer thinking

  • Decreased stress / inflammation in the body

  • Improved mood

  • Increased confidence

  • Decreased pain

  • Increased energy


What can you expect at your initial visit?  

Prior to your first session, I will email you a questionnaire to be completed and returned to me.  The initial assessment will help determine the most impactful steps to start your journey so that you may begin living your dream.  Your roadmap will reflect small or big step changes you are ready and agreeable to work towards. My role is to help you make the changes you are ready for.  During this first session, you can determine the frequency of on-going follow-up sessions (example:  weekly or every other week).  We can use e-mail or messaging correspondence so that you may get the support you need along your wellness journey.  


Aren't sure if this is the right fit for you?  Let's chat.  Free 15-20 minute consultation via Zoom, phone call or in person.


Individual session

Includes questionnaire assessment and follow up session to discuss goals and lay out a plan.  This is for the individual that doesn't know where to start, but wants to get started on their health journey by themselves.  Includes one additional check in via email, Zoom, or phone call.

Cost:  $100

Macro Prescription for Flexible Eating

If you understand the basics of following an individualized macro template and don't need accountability and much guidance, this option may be perfect for you.  This is for a calculated macro prescription.  If you aren't sure what I'm referring to, then the individual session above, or a package session below would be a better option.

Cost:  $50

Package/session options:

Start my Journey package:  Includes questionnaire assessment and follow up session to discuss goals and current lifestyle and habits.  This is an 8-week package designed to start you on your journey.  We will touch base on a weekly basis, evaluate your progress, and make adjustments as necessary.  If you are interested in working together for macro eating or an elimination diet, this is the package for you. 

Cost:  $180 


Create my Roadmap package:  Includes questionnaire assessment and follow up session to discuss goals and current lifestyle and habits.  We will start you on your journey with a roadmap for long term success as you start incorporating sustainable habit changes.  We will touch base on a weekly basis, evaluate your progress, and make adjustments as necessary. This package includes 12-weeks of follow up sessions via email.

Cost:  $250


Walk with Me package:  Includes items mentioned above.  This package includes 6 months of follow up sessions.  A minimum of 6 months is ideal because it takes time to make lasting changes and see results.

Cost:  $450

Packages/sessions are all pre-pay.  You may cancel with 30 days notification.

Figuring out how to navigate a grocery store can be overwhelming. With so many choices and marketing gimmicks, it's no wonder there is so much confusion. What you have stocked in your pantry can sabotage anyone in their moment of weakness.  Learn how to grocery shop and stock your pantry to set you up for success.   Cost:  $60 for one hour.

Personal Training

Interested in learning how to move better, but too intimidated to join a gym?   Or maybe you belong to a gym, but you don't know what to do.  Look no further, you can learn the movements either by yourself or with friends.  Sessions can be tailored to your needs, movement instruction only or movement instruction and workout using the movements learned. Movements instruction may include, but is not limited to: Kettlebell and dumbbell movements, Olympic weightlifting, squats, presses, deadlifts, and gymnastics/bodyweight movements.   Cost:  $75/hr for 1 person.  Reduce the cost by scheduling a session with friends.  

Zoom sessions available for $50 per session (using the "equipment" you have available).

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The information presented herein is not a substitute for medical advice.  Consult with a qualified health care practitioner before making any dietary changes or starting an exercise program.